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Hands extended

My Mom looks at her hands constantly….she touches them, rubs and worries over them, she will even comment that her hands look so bad. I beg to differ with her…I consider them the strong symbols for a life lived, proof of her endurance. Yet she, seems surprised by the look of them….I know why, it… Continue reading Hands extended

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Am I Mother Enough!?…don’t get me started!

In honor of Mother’s Day I feel compelled to give the real and freakishly truthful NEWS about motherhood. This is not only a gripe session but is a call out to all the sensible mothers out there. Being a mother is the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding. We women are… Continue reading Am I Mother Enough!?…don’t get me started!

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Oh Brother!

Growing up in a large family can be at best, the most awesome time of ones life and at the worst, the most awesome time of ones life! I can speak of this first hand since I am the youngest child in a family of five kids. Yes the answer is clear now……the reason why… Continue reading Oh Brother!

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Flower Whisperer

Today I found myself amazed once again by the ability of my Mom in the area of flower growing. My whole life she has had a green thumb. In reality I think she has green all the way to her elbows! She is the flower whisperer! I have to admit I have always been jealous… Continue reading Flower Whisperer

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MOM or 666!

My darling daughter let me in on her private (not so much any more) secret that makes her giggle every time she calls me on her cell phone. I must say it is pretty funny although it does involve mean and cruel jokes at my expense. It appears that on her phone she can type… Continue reading MOM or 666!