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Time flies…… a good day for a wedding!

Way back when I was just a little girl, time was slow, really slow and steady. The thirty plus days between Thanksgiving  until Christmas were more like thirty months  and if the school year was any longer and summer break was any shorter then we would be in school full time! This is from the… Continue reading Time flies…… a good day for a wedding!

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A day for dancing

There are times when we can only breathe…in and out; even that takes too much thought. The oppression is thick and our strength is tested…..our souls cry out, into the deep, grasping for a thread of hope. Then the reality sets in…..this is real life…this is the way it has been. When did we fall?… Continue reading A day for dancing

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New World

The excitement is like that of the night before first day of school … fear, angst, trepidation … all part of my day now. Will I be able to handle the schedule? Will anyone respond to my way? Will anyone even show up? Questions that haunt me as I take off on a new chapter… Continue reading New World

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Reuse, Recycle, Remove?

I am a frustrated minimalist. Anyone who knows me would probably laugh at that statement…makes me laugh saying it. The key word is frustrated! In my mind I want to live without so much baggage….all this stuff that needs picking up and put away, stuff that needs cleaned, dusted and repaired…..stuff that fills my head… Continue reading Reuse, Recycle, Remove?

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Remember Me…..

Tonight as the whole world watches the clock…..tic, tic, tic, tic, toc…….waiting ever so patiently for the moment when the biggest Lottery amount is won, hopefully…..I ponder what it all means? What would it change and what would I do if I had bought a ticket and actually won? I really couldn’t guess since it… Continue reading Remember Me…..

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I wish I had……

I wish I had hugged my granny and papa more. I wish I had known the last days on our farm were the last days. I wish I had known the days would get so much shorter as I got older. I wish the words my sister would say to me about all those Cokes… Continue reading I wish I had……