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Time flies…… a good day for a wedding!

Way back when I was just a little girl, time was slow, really slow and steady. The thirty plus days between Thanksgiving  until Christmas were more like thirty months  and if the school year was any longer and summer break was any shorter then we would be in school full time! This is from the… Continue reading Time flies…… a good day for a wedding!

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Hands extended

My Mom looks at her hands constantly….she touches them, rubs and worries over them, she will even comment that her hands look so bad. I beg to differ with her…I consider them the strong symbols for a life lived, proof of her endurance. Yet she, seems surprised by the look of them….I know why, it… Continue reading Hands extended

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My kingdom for a cracker!

It has been twenty four hours…..only twenty four hours, since my death sentence or should I say, fear of death sentence and gee I am pathetic…..YES, I WOULD TURN STATES EVIDENCE FOR A CRACKER! If only I had any evidence of anything, what a time to be without “the goods” on anyone.     I… Continue reading My kingdom for a cracker!

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…”how do you solve a problem like….”

One of my husbands, (yes, I am ratting him out!)… all time favorite movies is The Sound of Music! For all the years I have known him, he has rallied all the kids around to watch it …ONCE AGAIN! at Easter time, only to be compared to the ritual of watching The Ten Commandments, (“…so… Continue reading …”how do you solve a problem like….”

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This is LIFE!

  In honor of the…(because February is boring so lets make up a holiday), …..special day called Valentines Day, I must take a minute to say, the heart is a fragile yet quizzical thing. A very needed organ for the body, no doubt but, within all the blood flow and reason we breath in and… Continue reading This is LIFE!

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Mama’s Perfect Biscuits

EDITORS NOTE: This is pulled from my Sisters Blog: GOOD OLD GIRL–give it a look, you won’t be sorry!!! Mama's Perfect Biscuits.

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january 2nd…already failed!

Welcome new year…oh how I loathe YOU.…..the guilt has already started…..yep, I am already late on my Bible reading program, remembered it tonight at church ……at prayer service……ugh….I am a failure already! Okay,…… get caught up tonite, yep…..that is the plan….the mornings are for Old Testament….evenings are for the New Testament….Matthew 1 and 2 (…all… Continue reading january 2nd…already failed!