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Time flies…… a good day for a wedding!

Way back when I was just a little girl, time was slow, really slow and steady. The thirty plus days between Thanksgiving  until Christmas were more like thirty months  and if the school year was any longer and summer break was any shorter then we would be in school full time! This is from the… Continue reading Time flies…… a good day for a wedding!

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Over the past few months I have been entertained by an artist that would not be my usual choice. Let me preference this by saying I also have a seventeen year old so this was my avenue of introduction to Sir Macklemore. Beside the fact his music, along with Ryan Lewis, is some of the most… Continue reading Macklemore….what?

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This is LIFE!

  In honor of the…(because February is boring so lets make up a holiday), …..special day called Valentines Day, I must take a minute to say, the heart is a fragile yet quizzical thing. A very needed organ for the body, no doubt but, within all the blood flow and reason we breath in and… Continue reading This is LIFE!

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january 2nd…already failed!

Welcome new year…oh how I loathe YOU.…..the guilt has already started…..yep, I am already late on my Bible reading program, remembered it tonight at church ……at prayer service……ugh….I am a failure already! Okay,…… get caught up tonite, yep…..that is the plan….the mornings are for Old Testament….evenings are for the New Testament….Matthew 1 and 2 (…all… Continue reading january 2nd…already failed!

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Good Advice

Listen to Jesus and do what he says! Probably the best plan I have ever heard…thanks preacherman! (a pure minimalist point of view, of course!)…it works though!

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A day for dancing

There are times when we can only breathe…in and out; even that takes too much thought. The oppression is thick and our strength is tested…..our souls cry out, into the deep, grasping for a thread of hope. Then the reality sets in…..this is real life…this is the way it has been. When did we fall?… Continue reading A day for dancing

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Fancy Cross Painting

I painted this in acrylics and it has been very popular. I am thankful for this as it is a new take on the usual style cross. They are available for purchase if anyone should want one..just let me know. They are on Esty also!