Beginnings and Endings

There are many normal days that come and go with little or no earth shattering events. Day after day the world turns and we very rarely even notice who we pass by. We are eighteen days into a new year, 2018 is wide open and yet today I am confronted with life and death within… Continue reading Beginnings and Endings


To be thankful

The clock has ticked to the great day of thankfulness…I, like many others have big plans, sleepy eyes and thoughts of our families enjoying a spectacular meal and maybe a football game. The day will be chock full of turkey and dressing, which is my particular favorite, as well as pumpkin pie, but during this… Continue reading To be thankful



I have written many times of my love for fall…it is my favorite season. I think I love it so much is because it is a time of year to slip on a sweater and start wearing socks. I am a flip-flop girl as a rule and I wait till the last possible second to… Continue reading Favorites



Let me start off by saying right up front, I need to check my pride at the door; my claim to fame growing up a country girl, for the first ten years of my life on my beloved farm has been compromised. Not that it’s not true because it is, I lived on a farm…..we… Continue reading Greens



It’s hard to believe and even harder to admit, that I am old! But then as I reflect on my long…short life it only seems like a snippet of time has passed. It surely has only been thirty-five weeks, I mean really how could his be? I have been married over half of my life.… Continue reading Thirty-five


Ode to forty-five

This is a day history was made, the day a political nobody became the leader of the free world. The day that will forever be a pivotal moment in our countries future, or at least we hope so! Many people were not as happy for this changing of the gaurd than some, apparantly being a… Continue reading Ode to forty-five


Hello Redbird!

It has been a few months now since my Mom passed away and today is her birthday. She has been on my mind all day….as would be logical, the first birthday since her pass from her life trapped by Alzheimer’s to her eternal life. I am comforted by the knowledge she is no longer hostage… Continue reading Hello Redbird!